I began to design the simplified label. The main motivation behind these designs was to make it as simple as possible. I once read a quote that said good design is taking out as much as possible and having the design still work as well. This then has a number of advantages.

  1. The simplified design will stand out more, with confidence on the shelf. The strong brand identity, and brand history is enough, the label doesn’t need to work hard. Think about Coca-Cola, it is enough to have the logo in white, on a red background, that’s all that needed. Even if Lea and Perrins isn’t as massive as Coca-Cola, if you handle the branding that way, it was communicate that way – “Real & Genuinely”.
  2. The simplified design means that it can fit on a smaller label, this means using less paper, less ink, less paint (depending on printing method). Saving money, and more importantly, resources and energy.
  3. If the bottle was to be printed using the ACL (screen printing) method, that would mean that only one colour was used. It would also cut out a number of processes, such as wood harvesting for paper, the distribution and manufacture of said paper, and the application and printing of the paper labels. With the ACL method, the bottles would be directly printed on, and baked. Which consumes energy  but when weighed up against the entire paper production and application process may have less of an environmental impact. Especially considered that sugar cane husks (see previous posts on materials) could be used to fuel the kilns, because the byproduct of making sugar can be used as a fuel.

Here are some developmental labels that i worked up in illustrator, starting with some very basic type and colour experiments and moving to more proper designs.

With the label designs i wanted to capture the classic “Original & Genuine” feel of the brand. Wanted to make sure the design properly captures the age of the brand and its importance. I prefer the simpler design, the bottom left design, though i do like the incorporation of the black areas, for instance the second from the left on the top row. I will continue to develop the designs, and ask the opinions of others to see what they think.