With increasing competition amongst industries and continuous increase in the costs and uncertain supplies of the various fuels all industries are forced to change over to alternate or multi-fuel firing and switch over to low cost fuels, depending upon the location or nature of operation.

In the previous post i mentioned how i wanted to use the solid waste that the factory produces to fuel the furnaces which would fire the Applied colour labels. I looked around on the internet to see whether it was posible and to find companies that do a similar thing. I found this company quite easily which probably suggests its quite a common practice, they specialise in converting conventional furnaces to alternative fuel furnaces which can use agricultural wastes from farms, wastes from food processing units, industrial wastes, coal or petroleum coke. I would think that the type of waste produced at the Lea & Perrins factory would fall under waste from food processing units, and thus be eligible for this type of system. The company have a number of functions:

  • Designing and erection of multi fuel furnaces for existing boilers
  •  Installing waste heat recovery systems to reduce fuel consumption
  • Utilize proper M.O.C. to increase the life of combustion systems / Furnaces
  • Provide protective coatings to safeguard against high temperature conditions
  • Optimize design parameters to reduce power consumption

The only issue of course is that there isn’t an existing boiler on site, though i doubt that would be a huge problem for such a large scale operation. And also that this specific company is based in India, though i found this site very easily so would assume that there are companies that do this in the UK or europe too.

source: Multi Fuel Furnaces