As part of the brief we were instructed to design an additional element for our Lea & Perrins packaging solution, an element that would encourage the use of the product for the specified target audience. I took this from the stand point of ‘what would encourage me to use the sauce’ because i don’t use worcester sauce in my day to day cooking, although i enjoy cooking, and experimenting with food. So i thought that it would be good to approach the design from the ‘experiment’ and ‘why not try’ standpoint. Earlier in my designs i mentioned the spiced paper, and later i found an example of how the idea has been used in reality. So the concept is that a recipe booklet is attached to the bottle, and inside are two experimental or ‘why not give it a go’ type recipes. The idea being that the recipe suggests a great tasting dish which the user may not be familier with or might not have tried before, this is to encourage the use of the sauce in a wider range of dishes, because everyone knows Worcester Sauce goes in spag bol of shepherds pie, we don’t need to tell them that, but by suggesting something new, it not only promotes the recipe but also wider experimentation with the sauce.

The key point of the spice or herb paper is that when experimenting with new dishes, the user may not already own a certain spice or herb, and when experimenting with a new recipe, or a new spice they haven’t tried before, the user may not want to go out and buy a whole jar of a certain spice without knowing if they’ll like it. So this then makes it easier for the user to cook more complex dishes, without having to go to any more trouble.

Initially, i designed the paper with 8 squares per recipe (how the paper is folded) but i then downsized it to accomodate for the folding process and for space saving. So I have now settled on each recipe using 6 squares, incorporating two spice/herb squares per recipe. I began by figuring out how to fold the paper, partly because when i presented the idea to my learning team it was suggested for hygiene reasons that the spice papers might be exposed, but mainly because i wanted to fold it in a way that minimised (or totally removed) the need for adhesive to hold the booklet together when it is folded up. I have ended up with a 6 step folding process, which works on verticals and diagonals to hold the paper together. It adds an interesting visual element in that it allows me to play with typography and patterns, as well as sitting on the bottle neck in a diamond position, which will add to the products shelf attraction.

In terms of the design of the recipe booklet, i wanted to obvious maintain the black and orange theme, though adding a few other colours or shades and making use of patterns. Here is the design i have so far, it has gone through a range of colour groups and adjustments, and probably will until i entirely happy with the design. But here is what i have so far. The recipes themselves are just gobbledegook, i am looking into different recipes to find the right ones for the booklet.

This shows you how the folding works as well as the design so far.