I am happy with my final design as i believe i have improved upon the packages use of materials and processes. I am confident i have fulfilled the requirements of the brief. Here are my final display boards, and photographs of my 3D prototype.

The design is made up of four parts. Each part was developed out of research to improve upon the packaging’s use of materials and processes. Using sustainable and reusable materials where possible, it is designed to be easily separated for recycling.

The 3D prototype displays simply how the packaging would look and function. Unfortunately  i was unable to replicate the effect of the applied colour label, in reality the black parts would be transparant, using the colour of the sauce as the secondary colour. The lid is made up of two parts, the natural cork stopper, cut to be easily removed and replaced, and the induction seal, here displayed with a temporary foil seal. In reality the seal would be made of a stronger, recycled, aluminium and the adhesive will hold it firmly in place inside the neck of the bottle.

The recipe card is designed to hold itself together with minimal use of adhesive. In reality the paper will be properly scored on the fold lines allowing it to be folded far more easily and neatly.