Create a Sustainable Re-Design of the Lea and Perrins Worcester Sauce Bottles.

Required Brief Deliverables

  • Attract a new generation of Lea & Perrins users (without alienating our current, older market) through educating and exciting them of ways to use L&P in their everyday dishes. You must use innovative sustainable packaging designs, materials and considerations in your final solutions.

Design Objectives

  • To create a pack design that is attractive to the 20-35 year old age group
  • This pack design needs to inspire people to use the product in their everyday cooking
  • The packaging (bottles, labelling and associated ‘value-added’ items) should be made as sustainable as possible and adhere to the Heinz Corporate social responsibility guidelines (as mentioned below).

Design Mandatories

  • Retain the proud branding (Orange & Black)
  • Retain the iconic bottle design
  • Keep the original and genuine feel of the product.

Design Considerations

  • The pack should have great ‘shelf stand out’.
  • We would like to inspire people to use Lea & Perrins in their everyday cooking
  • We are able to attach elements to the bottle e.g. recipe cards etc.
  • Alternate bottle materials should be explored
  • Sustainability themes of refill, recyclability and Bio-materials should also be considered.

Timeline & Milestone Deadlines

  1. Roughs Deadline (4x colour sketch ideas with notes and research): Tue Group: Oct 30th, Thu Group: Nov 1st
  2. Prototype design mockup on actual Worcester Sauce bottle. Tue Group: Nov 20th, Thu Group: Nov 22nd
  3. Peer Assessment of near final solutions, research, devt sketches and 1 draft side of your final report. Tue Group: Dec 4th, Thu Group: Dec 6th
  4. Final submission of work. Tue Group: Jan 8th 2013, Thu Group: Jan 10th 2013

Target Audience

Sam and Amanda are a 30 year old couple living in Oxford. They both, after finishing university, went straight into full time work. After a few years of going out, they decided to rent their own place together, moving in earlier this year. They love coming home after a day at work and relaxing in front of the tele together, opting for a reliable evening meal (have a repertoire of 7-10 favorites) whilst at the weekend, they often have their friends or family around, spending a little longer preparing a meal and experimenting with new recipes. They don’t mind paying more for quality and enjoying discovering new ways to make their cooking taste even better and interesting.

Strategic Target: Cooks who are relatively confident in the kitchen but are looking for new, easy ways to jazz up their repertoire of recipes.

Primary Target: New consumers to the Lea & Perrins brand.

What do we want them to think and do?

I couldn’t do without my bottle of Lea and Perrins in the kitchen. It’s such a versatile ingredient and a great way of transforming the everyday food I cook.

Key Consumer Insight

I quite enjoy cooking and have a few dishes up my sleeve which I make fairly regularly, be it for a quick mid week meal or something a bit more impressive for when some friends come round. I am often on the look out for hints on how I can make my food even tastier and tips on what the celebrity chefs do in their kitchens.

Clients and Contacts: H.J. Heinz UK

Your main client and contact for brief-related questions, will be:

  • Shane Shortman, Brand Manager Lea & Perrins (we will not give out his contact details as he’ll normally be very busy). We are hoping though that he will be able to comment on ideas/sketches that are put on the Gdes3003 Green Design Module Blog. In addition, he may be able to drop in on key sessions such as prototype ideas etc if he is able to.

Lea & Perrins online: (US Site)

Supplied References from Heinz

Full corporate responsibility (environmental) report:

Supporting Information & Appendices
  • History of Lea & Perrins

The extraordinary story of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce begins over 170 years ago. To enter the covered courtyard of the Lea & Perrins factory at Worcester is to become a traveller through time and foreign lands. From the casks stored below ground rise the unmistakable aromas that combine to make the “Original & Genuine” Worcestershire Sauce. Worcestershire Sauce has been made here since the factory was built in 1897, using a recipe which is reputed to have been brought to this country in 1835 by a nobleman of the County, who was believed to had held many offices including that of Governor of Bengal.

The story goes that, on his return from India to his native Worcestershire, the nobleman took the recipe to an extremely enterprising pair of Victorian gentlemen called John Wheeley Lea and William Perrins, who owned a pharmacy in Broad Street, Worcester. The necessary ingredients were procured and made precisely to the instructions, resulting in a mixture which to everyone’s surprise tasted quite horrible; harsh and unpleasant. The disappointing concoction, of which they had manufactured a sizeable quantity, was put into jars and consigned to the cellars and forgotten. Some years later on clearing the cellars, they re-discovered the jars and, before throwing them out, tasted the sauce again. They discovered to their delight that the ageing process had transformed an unpleasant tasting mixture into the delicious savoury sauce we all know and love.

The reputation of the sauce quickly spread and Messrs Lea & Perrins decided to manufacture and sell the product under the now familiar Lea & Perrins name.
  • The Secret Remains…


To this day, the recipe remains a closely guarded secret and only a few people know the exact ingredients, proportions and manufacturing processes involved in the manufacture of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce.

The sauce was first sold commercially in 1837 and in 1849 arrangements were made for its export to New York. Messrs. Lea & Perrins soon embarked on an extraordinary marketing campaign of which any modern advertising agency would have been proud. Hence, although they had only begun producing Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce as a commercial product in 1837, by 1843 they were already selling 14,500 bottles a year. It soon became all the rage in England and in 1847 in one of the earliest newspaper advertisements, a royal chef reveals to the readers of “The Lady’s Newspaper” that it was a long established favourite with his employers and “is often inquired for by families of the highest rank who have the honour of visiting the Royal residence”. Then, as now, it seems a little Royal gossip was eagerly pounced on and soon no respectable table was complete without a bottle of this trendy condiment. And so its popularity soon spread and has remained, to this day, meaning that Lea & Perrins’ Original & Genuine Worcestershire Sauce is now exported to over 130 countries.

Messrs. Lea & Perrins cleverly cashed in on the idea of the “secret” recipe and built up a huge mystique around the exact constituents of their sauce. This secrecy, whilst foxing jealous imitators, was to help enormously with the success of Worcestershire Sauce, the sales of which were to earn these two shrewd Victorian chemists a vast fortune.

Although its exact process of production still remains shrouded in secrecy, it is now possible to reveal some of the ingredients. These, after three years or so of ageing, mixing, straining and maturing, result in that mouthwatering savoury liquid which fills the well-loved long neck bottles. Onions, garlic and anchovies are aged separately in barrels of malt vinegar. After they are sufficiently matured, they are transferred to huge vats and mixed with tamarinds, red chillies, molasses and a secret blend of spices. Then the specific and secret process of mixing, stirring and pumping begins over a period of several months, before the completed sauce is strained and bottled.

  • Some Historical Points of Note.
  1. 1835  TwoChemists-Messrs.Lea&Perrinsmakeuparecipereputedly brought back from the Governor of Bengal
  2. 1836  Afterinitiallyconsigningthesaucetotheircellarsduetopoortaste, they re-discover the jars to find to their delight that the sauce was superb – it had matured.
  3. 1837  Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce first sold commercially.

1897.   The brand new purpose-built factory was opened on Midland Road, Worcester

1904.    Royal Warrant granted by King Edward VII

1906.    High Court declared that only Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce may be called “Original & Genuine”.

1930.    Lea & Perrins merge with HP Sauce Ltd

1964.     Lea & Perrins destroyed by a disastrous fire but Worcestershire Sauce was back in production within ten days

1988.     Lea & Perrins becomes part of the BSN Groupe who later changed their name to The Danone Group

1997.      Lea & Perrins celebrates another landmark – 100 years of manufacturing Worcestershire Sauce at the Midland Road factory in Worcester.

2005.     Lea & Perrins and HP Foods become part of H J Heinz & Co. Ltd

  • Current market conditions:

The total Worcestershire sauce market is seeing volume declines year on year of -4.3%, driven through shoppers leaving the category. Whilst Heinz, as market leader, is declining at a faster rate of -8.3% driven through distribution and penetration losses along with increased pressures from private label.

With over 55% of our volume sales now coming from households with no children (empty nesters and retirees) Heinz are losing relevance with the younger, more up market consumers. Creating a clear opportunity to re- engage with this market, growing both the category and reversing our current declines.

An initial step was taken to remind and inspire consumers to use Lea and Perrins, with an ATL campaign running from November 2011- March 2012. This however failed to increase sales, potentially due to raising awareness rather than educating consumers on the product usage.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

As one of the best-performing global companies in the packaged foods industry, the H.J. Heinz Company is demonstrating our commitment to the sustainable health of people and the planet while delivering profitable growth for the benefit of our shareholders.

To fulfill our commitment, Heinz established a Global Sustainability Process that provides a structured approach to implementing and managing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives consistently and systematically across our businesses.

Our Global Sustainability Process is driving continuous improvement in four key environmental areas that are strategic priorities. As a result, Heinz is on track to achieve or surpass our goal of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, solid landfill waste, energy consumption and water consumption by at least 20% by Fiscal Year 2015.

  • Current Range
Our current range of Lea & Perrins covers the following:

150ml glass bottle Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

290ml glass bottle Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

568ml glass bottle Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

290ml glass bottle Special Edition Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce (Extra Matured

We also have a 150ml Lea & Perrins Garlic Sauce, a 150ml Lea & Perrins Garlic & Chilli Sauce and a 325ml Tomato Worcestershire Sauce.